Fall: Its a beautiful thing to let old patterns die

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Create the space, for all to Fall into place

Know when it is time to shed the leaves.

Know when it is time to rest.

That was when it’s time to spring

You can go all in!

As human we go through our own cycle of the seasons, it is extremely important to understand where we are in that process.

Is it time for you to spring into action? or is it time for you to create space and rest & repair?

In our modern world where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, it's a non-stop grind.

Who can out-hustle the other, who can be the most productive by working through the night and getting little to no sleep.

This pattern is not sustainable. We must become attuned to our own cycles.

I watch so many friends and clients get upset when they aren't constantly producing content or creating new businesses.

Maybe it is time for you to go inward, create space in your life.

Just the changing of the seasons, release the old leafs (old patterns), rest (go internal) then usually you will find the answer on how you want to spring (create) back into action.

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