The Dis-eases of our Modern World

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Anxiety - Depression - Insomnia - Suicide

All of these are largely due to an overstressed nervous system that are not getting to do a deep reset.

Why do you think all of these modalities such as: Cold therapy, Bodywork, Mediation, Forest bathing, breath-work, grounding, biohacking are so popular?

We are electrical beings!⚡️

This concept is widely understood in eastern traditions. The chakra system which is the same system as the meridian lines in traditional Chinese medicine as well as the common map of the nervous system here in the west.

All are ways to map the electrical system that controls muscles, glands organs and almost all functions within our body.

If we don’t give our electrical systems a regular reset, we blow a fuse and that is the manifestation of disease.

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